Girl-Lee Boutique

"Bohemia can be anywhere because it is not a place but a state of mind." ― Arthur Ransome

Why Choose Us?

Girl-Lee Boutique is a special place with unique & hand-picked curated pieces.   

About Us

Kristine Ann Nelson Carr

Boutique Owner

Welcome to Girl-Lee Boutique California.  I know that every moment should be treasured. I want you to enjoy your stay here and have fun at every virtual rack, shelf and turn of every corner. At Girl-Lee Boutique you will find curated special & unique items. Our items are beautiful, easy to wear and will be a joy to take home with you. There are pieces for everyone here. Feel free to mix it up, layer, combine, and to have joy in doing it.

I have loved art and fashion since I was a young child growing up in the seventies. It is a joy to put together the casual, and the fine and elegant, and the everyday, combining it all, creating a unique expression of your very being.

I grew up in Minnesota and have a love for all things beautiful. My husband and I have been together for over three decades and have & are raising six beautiful children. I have had a career as a public health RN for over twenty-six years, a Reiki master for over twenty-years, and am blessed to do hands-on-intuitive healings, both remotely and in-person. Having traveled to many places on this beautiful planet, California is now our home. 

Come and check out the boutique for well-known designers as well as up and coming designers. Pieces come and go quickly so it always a new shopping experience. Some pieces are hard to find pieces that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. If you are looking for a specific piece, please email me and I can try and find it.

Just some of what you will find in Girl-Lee Boutique...ESIAAM, OZKA Cashmere House, Johnny Was, DRIFTWOOD denim, private labeled fine cashmere sweaters, artisan handmade genuine stone jewelry from a variety of local and European artists, sterling silver and solid gold jewelry, cards and artwork, and much more.    Come by and see what is new today!

Visit for ESIAAM clothing, accessories, jewelry and home goods made in California.  ESIAAM is printing our silk fabrics here in California at our SoCal studio.  We offer printing services as well. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Please reach out with any inquiries.


Girl-Lee Boutique invites you to visit us online or in our Malibu location. We're excited to welcome you!